The ideal civilization system.

The spirit needs a direction. Without something to pursue, life is meaningless.

An ideal civilization system provides solutions to hunger, quality health, wellbeing, and a place of shelter. Where the basic necessities are provided, the pursuit of the spirit begins!


In a civilization, EGOTISM and DESIRE, to control and keep all the valuable things for themselves, destabilize others. The elements of selfishness and possessions were eliminated. This controls better the attachment problem that occurs in people. No one owns anything, but everything can be borrowed.


You have only one real possession. Your soul – your body, mind and spirit. This is the only thing worth investing.


When the question is asked: “Who are you?”

One might answer its name. The question has an insight meaning. It actually asks, “What is your profession?”


My name is Cătălin-Nicolae FARCAȘ. I am a Romanian. My family name is Farcaș. It is a Hungarian word and it means Wolf.

I am not Hungarian, and I am not a member of the wolf species. So, the family name does not say anything!


What if your name could answer the question? 

In the 5Canton system, there are no clans, no tribe names! We are all ONE, together on this planet we call home!  

When you are born, you are a WhiteCircle! After your training, you can choose a direction!

The 5Canton system offers the direction!

You might resonate with an environment.  

Green – The lands, the forests, the mountains…

Blue – The rivers, the lakes, the oceans…

Black – The air, the clear sky, the darkspace…


Or with an inner calling.  

White – Art, poetry, music…

Red – Medicine, military, safety…


These are the 5Cantons!


But choosing a Canton is not enough. What specific thing do you want to do? What profession do you want? There are four professions!


I am an engineer in the automotive field. So, I am a GreenSquare!