Four Pylons


Four Pylons

      Palacia: Aha… where?

      Dimia: Somewhere outside my sanctuary! Check for a big hairy thing… got to go! He is getting mad… again…

Dimia ends the call. Palacia closes her vambrace. Her little sister appears to be fine. Palacia goes to see what is happening. She is a worried sister.

Palacia reaches the sanctuary for the phase-1 WhiteCircles. She sees Aotor napping on a rock and Wriwbog lies on the grass.

With one hand, Wriwbog supports his head for a better sitting and with the other he uses his index and middle fingers as “feet”. With his thumb and little finger, he “fights” Dimia!

      Dimia: Die SCUM!

      Wriwbog: Oh no… please stop…

Wriwbog speaks with a low and sarcastic tone. His eyes open wide! The giant sees Palacia walking towards them!

      Wriwbog: GREAT!

The giant rises and stands on his feet! Wriwbog grabs Dimia and gives her to Palacia.

      Wriwbog: She’s all yours!

The giant releases Dimia and runs away.

      Palacia: It is everything okay?


With all the fuss, Aotor slowly awakens and opens his eyes. He sees his fellow giant runs away.

      Palacia: I came to check on you, you little devil! What was with the “giant cooking” message?

      Aotor: The young one desires to eat us…

      Palacia: …

Palacia places her hand across her face. She is embarrassed of her sister’s actions.

      Dimia: He’s no match for me!

      Palacia: Yeah… he could have died!

      Dimia: YEAH!

      Palacia: … from BOREDOM!

      Dimia: …

The two sisters stare at each other with menacing looks on their faces. Palacia raises a smile. She is glad that her sister is fine.

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