The Garden


The Garden

      Oran: There are your new sleeping “nests”!

The trainees become dumbfounded by the master’s answer.

      Dimia: Do we look like birds?!

      Larissa: WHAT?! You are letting us sleep here?!

      Oran: Don’t worry! I’ll be here also… there is a hut for everyone!

      Larissa: That’s not what I meant! Are we going to sleep here?  Under the earth? With the animals?

      Oran: Yeah, with the terrifying and fierce domesticated beasts! Do not worry. They won’t reach you! I hope…

Master responds with a funny tone. Assuring the younglings that the animals present no danger to them. The master descends again the stairs. Oran descends to the Garden.

Vero puts a friendly hand on Larissa’s shoulder.

      Vero: It isn’t so bad… it will be fun!

The younglings remain at the middle layer. They observe and inspect the huts from the outside. As the master descends the stairs, Oran calls them!

      Oran: Come on! We have to get some hay!

      Dylan: For what?

      Oran: To make your beds, of course!

The younglings are stumped by their master’s answer. Larissa turns her head to Vero with not so friendly gaze in her eyes.

      Larissa: IT IS BAD!

The trainees hastily descend the stairs to join their master.

      Larissa: We don’t have beds?!

The master’s walk suddenly stops! Larissa bumps into him! Larissa falls. The master turns around as if nothing happened. Oran gazes up. He admires the landscape and the artificial sky. He then, turns his gaze to Larissa and answers with confidence in his voice.

      Oran: Well… you will make them!

The master offers his hand to pull Larissa up! Larissa grabs the master’s hand. She raises on her feet. Larissa gazes at the garden.

      Larissa: Out of HAY?!

Near them, can be seen a river that streams and goes along the whole place. The river springs from a near fountain hollow, made of stone, in the hill. The master forms, with his hands, a cup. He takes and drinks some water from the fountain.

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