Nitara: Okay younglings… Listen here! Lift one of your vambrace up to the chest like so…

The adult Circle keeps her forearm near her chest. The forearm is vertically to the soil and she keeps it not too close to herself.

Nitara slides with her finger the vambrace and a holographic-image-representation appears.The image is adaptive to the user’s gaze. Not too big, not too small – it can be observed with ease.

      Nitara: You can communicate with it by texting or voice.

      Nitara: What do you want to know?

Palacia sees the younglings, including her sister, are taken good care of. She goes towards the sanctuaries. There are only three stone constructions in this region of LEMURIA. Palacia opens her vambrace and types a question.

Palacia receives an answer! Her sanctuary of stay is the farthest of them all! The three sanctuaries are placed in an equilateral tringle position! Each representing an angle of the triangle! Between the closest two sanctuaries, there can be seen the sanctuary in which Palacia will be staying!

She closes her vambrace and continues her walk ahead.

In her walk, Palacia sees the boy. The one which did not have to take the pair of vambraces. Curiosity pushes her to open a conversation!

      Palacia: Where did you got those vambraces?

      Azur: From the stones, like the rest

      Palacia: LIAR! I saw you didn’t take one!

The unexpected response from Palacia leaves Azur dumbfounded.

      Azur: I am not a liar! I got them yesterday!

      Palacia: How could you get them yesterday if all the pods arrived today? No one stays in LEMURIA except masters and giants!

      Azur: Maybe I am a GIANT!

The boy raises his arms and shakes them randomly, trying to imitate a giant! A crazy giant – as Palacia observes.

      Palacia: You are insane. You need help!

      Azur: I arrived yesterday!

      Palacia: How?

      Azur: It’s complicated…

      Palacia: Oh, enlighten me… wise bearer of air travel knowledge…

      Azur: A roc brought me! Okay?!

      Palacia: A bird? You really need help…

      Wriwbog: Azur… does this creature bothers you?

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