A giant joins the two in its walk. His slow walk catches the two. Wriwbog gives a friendly smileto Azur and an intimidating gaze to Palacia. Palacia assumes that was a “kind” smile and she does not need to fear any danger.

The giant continues its walk, leaving the two adolescents behind.

      Palacia: Do you know giants?

      Azur: I know a giant, his name is Wriwbog!

Palacia gazes atthe giant with more observative eyes.

      Palacia: He has nice clothes…

      Azur: Well… they are civilized… They area higher state of spirit for a reason!

      Palacia: Yeah, but they started the war…

      Azur: That was millions of years ago, before the birth of PANGAEA even! Get over it… You never talked to one?

      Palacia: I… didn’t see a reason to…

As the two adolescents approach the first sanctuary, Dimia tickles hey sister.

      Dimia: BOO!

Palacia quickly jumps away from the tickle. She does not know what it was! It was sudden andunexpected! Palacia quickly understands the situation and calms herself.

      Palacia: I WILL STRANGLE YOU!

Palacia goes toher sister. She has her arms raised and hands open as if she prepares to grab Dimia’s neck.

Dimia runs away.

      Azur: Hey… violence is forbidden!

Dimia laughs. Azur is amused as well. Palacia tempers down and tries to calm down. She loudly exhales.

      Palacia: Did you find your sanctuary, DEAR sister?

      Dimia: Yup. The one on the left! Theylook the same as in ANDEAN!

      Palacia: Then it will be easy for you tofind your room…

      Azur: Are you from ANDEAN?

      Palacia: Yes…

      Dimia: YES!

      Azur: You worship SUNs there?

      Dimia: Of course! Even gods do…

Suddenly, a voice is heard from behind.

      Zane: Come Dimia, let’s find your place!

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