The pearls


The pearls

The light of day moves away from the sisters! Something else takes its place! A round shadow appears beneath them!

The girls feel astrange pressure in the air! The winds are changing! They hear something in thesky! They move their chin up and gaze above!

The carries have arrived!

In the clear sky, stone-pods travel above the girls! They are going to the sanctuary! They are many! Dimia feels so small and fragile compared to what she sees.

      Dimia: Are those… the floating ROCKS that will take us to LEMURIA?

      Palacia: Yes… Let’s go to the sanctuary!

They walk to the sanctuary. To the stone-pods! Dimia is feeling nervous. She does not want to leave. This place is her home. Here are her parents, her friends! This is a safe place for her!  

      Dimia: I don’t want to go… I don’t know what it will be there… I am afraid…

      Palacia: Don’t worry! That is comfort talking… It will pass when you are there… Can you keep a secret?

      Dimia: Sure! What?

      Palacia: I am also afraid!

Dimia is dumbfounded. Her older and wiser sister is afraid as well!

      Dimia: Why?!

      Palacia: This is my first year as well… As phase-2!

      Dimia: Whoa … phase-2?! Is that something new?

      Palacia: Yes! There are 3 phases; one for each growing step! There is one for younglings… such as yourself; one for adolescents and one for adults. The one for adults is very difficult… I heard some cannot handle it…

Each phase sounds more difficult than the previous one.

      Dimia: And what do they do if they cannot handle it?

      Palacia: They try again and again… White Training is mandatory! If they do not like learning they can become graycircles after…

As they continue to walk, their mother comes and joins them!

      Amaya: How are my oysters doing?

      Palacia: We saw several carries… I think they came for the WhiteCircles!

      Amaya: Yes, you are right! White Trainingis calling for you!

Dimia wonders about something.

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