The Garden


The Garden

Vero closes his vambrace.

Arguing leads them nowhere. Vero knows this. Dimia knows this. Dylan feels the same. Master Oran jumped for a reason. He wants the trainees down there!

      Dylan: I am jumping!

Dylan goes closer to the hole, where the waterfall forms.

      Vero: Wait!

      Dylan: What?!

      Vero: What if you jump on the master?

      Dylan: He had time to move away… the Master surely got out of the lake!

      Dimia: Let me jump first!

      Dylan: Why?

      Dimia: You have, evidently, more courage than all of us… Make sure that ALL will jump! When you will be the last to jump, you will not have second thoughts!

      Brett: Sounds like a plan!

      Gracia: I will jump after Dimia!

Dylan understands Dimia’s plan. He follows her advice. The rest of the trainees accept the plan as well.

      Dimia: Sure… just wait a while after you hear the splash!

      Gracia: How much?

      Dylan: After the splash, we will count to10. Then, Gracia can jump!

      Dimia: Oh… make it 15!

      Gracia: All right!

Dimia makes astep forward. She is right at the edge of the waterfall. The opening is big enough to jump.

“There’s only water down there!” – Dimia says to herself. The youngling controls her breathing! She gathers all the motivation and courage she can find within.

“No more talking” – Dimia takes a deep breath!

The youngling jumps into the waterhole! The trainees gather quickly to see if there issomething down there! As soon as Dimia cuts the water with her jump, the stream conceals the sight of the trainees right away.

The younglings cannot see what lies down there.

A splash is heard.

      Gracia: One, two, three…

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