Larissa: A way to direct the flow of water?

The master bends its knees and stands in squat position. He gazes closer at the stone rings.          

      Oran: Yeah, you are right! You could say that!

The master continues to gaze at the stream of water. He admires the way it travels.

      Oran: See how nice the water moves between the carvings…

The master puts his index finger in the water. The water continues to move among the finger.

      Oran: So harmonic…

The younglings do not understand what their master is doing. Gracia whispers something to Dimia.

      Gracia: The cave might have given him insanity!

      Dimia: I think he tries to tell us something…

Master Oran raises and stands on his feet. He stands with his back towards the younglings.

      Oran: I can hear you!

The master turns around and stands facing the younglings. He joyfully smiles at them. He was aware of their whispers.

      Oran: You know how the greatest of humans have become great?

      Vero: By doing great things?

      Oran: Yes! How do you do great things? The secret lies in the detail! They are good listeners!

The master continues to emphasize the ability to listen! Because great input leads to great output!

      Oran: How is life treating you?

The younglings start all to speak.

      Brett: Awful!

      Vero: Horrible…

      Dylan: It is okay…

      Dimia: It is boring…

So many answers. The master interrupts them.

      Oran: Okay, okay! I did not ask to receive answers!

The younglings stop answering. They gaze at their master with confusion in their eyes. With a calm and enlightened tone, the Master speaks.

      Oran: Life treats you as it does because… you are influenced by it, and most of you follow it! You follow… the paradigm…

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