Azur: Gods don’t worship anyone…

      Palacia: Go with the man, Dimia. We’ll talk later…

Dimia stops fromher walk and waits for Zane. Her sister and the boy continue their walk to their sanctuary.

Dimia gazes upon the sky. The moon begins to appear. The night is coming.

The adult Circle arrives to Dimia.

      Zane: Let’s not get you lost. Okay, young one? Have you had time to play the vambrace?

      Dimia: A little… seems simple…

Dimia and Zane approach the sanctuary’s entrance. Dimia has a familiar feeling – the sanctuaries are not new to her. But also, a feeling of a new home strikes her – one which she might not like.

      Zane: After you, young one…

      Dimia: STOP calling me that! My name is Dimia.

Dimia enters the sanctuary. There is a wide empty space ahead of her! The biggest surface-layer lies in front of her! There are a lot of circles walking around here!

      Dimia: Nothing special here…

      Zane: Let’s find your room, young Dimia!

      Dimia: Ahh…

      Zane: Where does your vambrace say you will stay?

      Dimia: I don’t know. How do I shoot lasers?

      Zane: These are not combat vambraces… text or voice a question!

Bored and uninterested, Dimia ignores her helpful friend. She opens and asks a question to the vambrace.

      Dimia: How do I get back to ANDEAN?

      Zane: That’s not…

The vambrace displays a vocal and text response.

      Vambrace: By air transport

The vambrace offers a list of possible options to choose from.

      Dimia: Ooh! This looks nice!

      Zane: Hey…

The experienced Circle grabs Dimia’s forearm, closing her vambrace.

      Zane: Let’s be serious for a moment…

Zane lets go of Dimia’s forearm.

      Dimia: Okay, Mr. Serious. I don’t need this training voodoo stuff…

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