Azareea: To your eyes.

She moves them up, touching Azur’s eyelids.

      Azareea: Now, go! Breathe in… fill the lake… breathe out… stream your eyes!

Azur repeats the steps. He breathes in and he breaths out! He inhales and he exhales! The master sits back and puts her hand on Azur’s back. The master also breaths at the rhythm in which Azur breaths! The boy feels the hand is unusually hot.

      Azareea: Now, OPEN!

The trainees are all curious! They all look at Azur!

      Azur: I… I cannot see… I see shapes… theyall look the same!

      Azareea: What do you see inside them?

      Azur: A light… WHITE LIGHT… it seems to be concentrated… it looks like it is alive… It’s beautiful! ITS MOVING!

Azur cannot see clearly the bodies of his friends – their vessels. But he sees the light inside them. A beautiful light, colorless – WHITE. He is curious what his master spirit would look! He wants to turn!

      Azareea: Nah, ah!

The master does not let him look at her. She protects him!

      Azur: Why?

      Azareea: You will go blind! Now, close your eyes and breath… this time… let’s fill the lake from the eyes! Okay?

      Azur: Okay, Master!

Azur repeats the breathing process! But backwards! After a few repeats, the master lets go of Azur. He opens his eyes and everything’s back to normal. With the curiosity, still remaining, Azur asks a question.

      Azur: Master, why didn’t you let me look at you?

      Azareea: How did your friends look?

      Azur: They were all bright! Full of light!

      Azareea: I am a state-5 spirit; if you had looked at me… your eyes… physically… at that frequency… they would had burned

      Azur: How can I learn to do that by myself?

      Azareea: You can’t. Your spirit isn’t strong enough… I aid you though with my own energy!

      Rahul: Master… when you blast the rock…for a moment your eyes turned blue… HOW?

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