Wriwbog: HEY!!

      Dimia: I am with them!

      Palacia: Gotcha!

Palacia ends her call and goes to find her sister.

      Gracia: I am going to the chamber to take a shower… to clean all this… falling stench!

      Dimia: Sure, I’ll take care of the giants…

Dimia’s response annoys the giant. Wriwbog gives a cold stare at Dimia.

      Wriwbog: Filthy insect!

Young Dimia gives a cold stare as well. She sticks her tongue out and makes an annoying sound in sign of disrespect.

A long stone bench is encountered in their walk. Dimia sits on it and waits for her sister to come. The giants rest as well near the youngling.

Some adolescents approach Dimia and the giants. Those adolescents are Palacia and her friend, Azur.

      Palacia: Hey little oyster, what are you doing?

      Dimia: Oystering…

      Palacia: What’s the matter?

      Dimia: These giants are the worst servants LEMURIA can give…

      Wriwbog: We are not servants, YOU MOSQUITO!

Dimia raises and shouts at the Wriwbog.

      Dimia: I AM NOT AN INSECT!

Wriwbog raises as well and shows his ear to the youngling.

      Wriwbog: I am only hearing “BZZZZ”

The giant lowers his head. Wriwbog approaches his hand near his ear and waves it as if he acts like a crazy giant. Azur is amused of Wriwbog childish behavior and he admires Dimia’s boldness.

      Azur: Oh… how did you two meet?

      Aotor: We observe the state-3 spirit trainings for our own spiritual learning. It is a task given by our master…

      Wriwbog: The Waterwalker thinks we can learn spiritual ascending by understanding and appreciating other spirits’ growth…

      Azur: Make sense… what was your training all about?

      Dimia: Learning to fall…

      Azur: AAA… those “do not quit” teachings. Nice

      Dimia: It’s exhausting…

      Azur: Well, the arena can be slightly tough… you should rest…

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