Zane: Go sleep in the woods then!

      Dimia: I am not a graycircle!

      Zane: You are a WhiteCircle… so your primal quality is to listen

Dimia understandsand listens! She tries to find her room so that she can escape from Zane. Dimia opens her vambrace again and asks questions.

      Dimia: Where will I be sheltered? Where do I have to life?

The vambrace offers text and voice response:

      Vambrace: Do you mean: “Where is my room”?

      Dimia: Yes!

A holographic representation of the sanctuary is given with Dimia’s room, highlighted in red.

      Vambrace: Layer 10. Chamber 15.

      Dimia: 10!? The TOP LAYER?

      Zane: Come, your roommate must be already there!

      Dimia: My what?!

      Zane: All chambers have space for two.

      Dimia: I can take care of myself, so no thank you!

      Zane: There must be two! From various parts of PANGAEA! Different psychological and cultural profiles strengthen your ability to communicate with others!

They arrived at a lift. They enter it and Dimia presses a button to take them up.

      Dimia: I disagree…

      Zane: You will have to learn to interact with others also here, young one

      Dimia: Whatever…

The lift arrives at the highest layer. The one above all, except the generator. Dimia rushes to her chamber. She just wants toget in and get rid of her guide. Dimia found her room and asks her vambrace for help.

      Dimia: “Open the door!”, “How to open the door?”, “How to door?” “Hodo…

      Zane: Patience, crazy one. That is not how you open it. Approach your vambrace near the door; it will recognize you  

Dimia approaches her forearm near the door and it opens sideways within an instant!

Inside, there can be seen a wide space! The chamber has three rooms. One has two beds. That is the bedroom. Another, larger room, can be seen with

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