Wriwbog: I need more than that! Where is she from?

      Dimia: ANDEAN!

The giant searches and finds Palacia. An adolescent girl with brown long hair, blue eyes. Wriwbog knows how Dimia’s sister looks like! The giant straightens his posture and gazes ahead in search for the girl.

Wriwbog is confused.

      Wriwbog: They all look the same…

      Dimia: Useless… What is exactly that you do?

      Aotor: We observe…

      Dimia: BoOoring…

      Wriwbog: We observe lower spirit states!

      Dimia: Who are you calling “lower” you rock-brain brontotherium!

Giant Wriwbog starts to get angry. His fellow giant tries to calm him.

      Aotor: Calm, brother… we are higher spirits for a reason…

Giant Wriwbog does not move his gaze away from little Dimia.

      Wriwbog: I bet you’ll make a great soup!

      Dimia: You bet I would, but there is nothing for you!

The giants and younglings reached the sanctuaries. They are in the triangle zone! The zone outside the sanctuaries and inside the area where the stone constructions meet! The place is large, clean and full of WhiteCircles of all ages! This is a recreation place! The WhiteCircles can enjoy walks on stone pavement! They can admire the artesian water fountains. The green vivid grass offers the refreshing scent of the day.

The place is all covered up in a pleasant atmosphere.

Suddenly, Dimia’s vambrace starts to vibrate. Her sister is calling. Dimia answers.

      Dimia: Hey! Where are you? You can make calls?!

From the hologram of the vambrace, there can be seen Palacia’s top body and head. She answers her little sister.

      Palacia: Yes, you can! I will teach you. Now, where are you?

      Dimia: I don’t know… we are among the sanctuaries…

      Palacia: Is there any reference points, where I can find you?

      Dimia: Pff… I don’t know this place and it’s full of Circles!

      Gracia: Tell her about the giants…

Her roommate whispers to Dimia. Suddenly a revelation hits her. There are only two giants inside the triangle sanctuaries.

      Dimia: I know! Look for two creepy giants!

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