two large panels. The panels are glass made and black of color. Their shape is round, and theylie on a stone table. They are placed in the activity room! The last room is the hygiene room!

The rooms are separated by hallways! Dimia sees there is, in the chamber, a stone-cube with astone hemisphere on top of it.

Dimia gazes around and sees a youngling inside an opening in the wall!

      Dimia: Hello there…

The girl turns around.

      Gracia: Hello, I am Gracia. Are you my roommate?

      Zane: Be nice, Dimia

Zane leaves the chamber and lets the two girls meet.

      Zane: Have a good night, girls!

      Dimia: Bye

      Gracia: Bye!

As the adult Circle leaves, Dimia answers her room mate’s question!

      Dimia: Yes. I am Dimia!

      Gracia: Come here… the view is nice!

Dimia goes inside the opening. Gracia is at the other end of the cylindrical hole. There is no glass. The hole, in the stone wall, serves as a window! Air comes in, but not the wind, nor the cold! There is an invisible energy field which blocks the entrance, from both sides, of solid object. WhiteCircles cannot accidentally fall from the window and no wild creatures can enter the sanctuary.

      Dimia: The view is different from ANDEAN…

      Gracia: As in ARKTOS…

They both gaze at the clean, vivid and nutritious land of LEMURIA! The sky slowly welcomes the night.

      Gracia: It’s getting dark… I heard the vambrace will wake us up in the morning for our first training!            

Without enthusiasm, Dimia responds.


Gracia finds her response funny! She smiles and giggle into laughter.

      Gracia: I will go to sleep… which bed would you like?

      Dimia: The one from ANDEAN…

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