The trainees do not understand what purpose the question has, and, in their confusion, a trainee asks for clarification.

      Brett: Old?!

      Oran: Very old!

The trainees have received their answer. They felt that was a silly answer.

      Oran: You know how I got to be this old?

      Gracia: AA… because it is natural?

      Oran: I mean… How come I succeeded to reach this stage of existence!

      Dylan: The cave offers protection against life?

The master laughs.

      Oran: No. I don’t live in a cave if that was your question! But there are some grains in your words of what I was hoping to hear!

A trainee tries to discover the answer by using a key word from Dylan’s answer.  

      Vero: You protected yourself?

      Oran: Yes! What do I need to ensure my safety against all the possible threats that are out there!

The master is charismatic. He speaks and he gestures!

      Dylan: AAA…

The master interrupts Dylan.

      Oran: No, I am not talking about weapons or explosives or any kind of offensive violence!

Dylan silences his answer. It would have been similar to Oran’s guess.

      Oran: I am talking about an ability!

The master opens his eyes wide and gazes at the trainees!

      Oran: An inner ability! So powerful… and so sharp! It shapes the understanding of all…

      Dimia: … Awareness! You are talking about awareness?

Dimia rudely interrupt the master.

      Oran: Yes, young creature. You are right! That’s the name of the lesson… What is awareness?

The master has concluded his trail of question to the answer that lies in the tittle of the lesson! Master Oran has an odd way to present the lesson. The trainees are somehow captivated by the way the lesson is presented.

      Oran: Our ability to see, to hear, to taste, to fell… makes us conscious of the environment. Our senses communicate with us and tell us “what is outside” … What is there? It only tells us simple things. Information! The flower smells good; the birds are singing; the sky is blue… What we have to do,is rather simple… we just have to ... listen!

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