The stream flows and falls in the middle of the chain. The middle, where there is nothing but anempty space – a hole!

By the cascading sound it seems to be a long way down.

This chamber ofthe cave is all covered in darkness, except for the stone rings which are highlighted by the daylight coming from the hollow in the cave! The trainees start to wonder.

      Dimia: What is this place?

      Oran: A sacred place…

The trainees quickly turn to find the unexpected answer from the unknown voice! With their vambraces, they illuminate the place. They can behold! On a big rock, there lies a man of great age! He has not armor. He wears simple clothes with a white circle symbol on his left chest. The man has a muscular constitution and has gray vambraces. The man appears to be in great physical shape, but the white hair and white beard betrays his age.

      Oran: Ahh… shut those things!

The younglings dim the light from their vambraces.

      Oran: … It is a blessing that you cannot shot plasma from them…

The man comes down from the rock. He gazes around. Then, he looks at the trainees.

      Oran: Hello there! I am Oran WhiteCircle! I am your trainer!

      Dylan: A white circle? Are you a trainee?

      Oran: Circle is my profession and White is my canton! I have finished my White Training ages ago…

      Vero: So… no trainee…

      Oran: I am also a Master! So, what are your questions?

Master Oran gazes at the younglings, then to Dimia.

      Oran: I guess your question, young lady, was about this place?

      Dimia: Yes!

      Oran: This place is the training grounds of today’s lesson…

      Larissa: What lesson? We are in a cave!

      Oran: Well, what does our Timetable say?

The master waits for the trainees to respond! He has given them the location of the answer! The younglings do not look at the timetable. They already know the answer.

      Larissa: Awareness!

      Oran: Hmm… awareness… hmm, yes! Do you know how old I am?

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