Dimia: …they are idiots!

The girls arrive near Aotor. They stop and greet him.

      Gracia: Hello there…

      Dimia: Where is the other big G? Is he behind that big rock?

Dimia slightly moves her head to see the other side of the giant rock.

      Dimia: Aww… is he afraid of little girls?

A terrible LOUDBANG is heard! The giant rock slightly moves! The place silences! The sound of the blow travels the land and reaches even the arena! The RedShield masters are becoming concern about what is going on and from where did that powerful strike came from!

      Wriwbog: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!

The giant Wriwbog comes out of his hiding. Gracia is a slightly terrified, while Dimia is just tired, unintimidated and bored.

      Dimia: Oh, grow up… Can we pass?

The giant sees the girl does not show any signs of fear and she is unimpressed. His fellow giant intervenes.

      Aotor: Apologies, young ones… we were simply observing. It is part of our training!

      Dimia: You seem nice… Why is big G all rattled?

      Wriwbog: My name is Wriwbog and the “seems nice” giant is Aotor…

      Aotor: Nice to meet you! Was your training all well?

      Gracia: Yeah, it was fun… My name is Gracia!

      Dimia: Dimia here…

      Aotor: Are you heading to the sanctuary?

The giants start to walk towards the sanctuaries. The girls follow. That is their direction as well.

As they pass the rock in which Wriwbog was hiding, Gracia turns her head. The young girl sees the mark on the giant rock! The sign of Wriwbog’s strike! The giant’s force is amazing!

Dimia answers Aotor’s question.

      Dimia: Yeah… I am trying to find my sister…

Young Dimia opens her vambrace and chaotically searches for her sister.

      Wriwbog: Hold on… Those are not stalking devices…

The giant Wriwbog opens his vambrace and helps Dimia by finding her sister.

      Wriwbog: What is her name?

      Dimia: Palacia WhiteCircle

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