LEMURIA-Four Pylons


LEMURIA-Four Pylons

      Alya: Review your writings! You are your own creator!

The master leaves. In her walk, she waves goodbye to her young learners! The trainees wave as well!

Rahul is annoyed with the task received by Vallon BlackSquare.

      Rahul: I am not going to chase some animals for the younglings! Let their master deal with it…

      Jayna: We learned about state-2 spirits when we were phase-1! Someone helped organize the animals for us! I think we should do the same for these younglings!

Jayna’s words are full of compassion and of honor! The trainees feel somehow in dept for the ones who helped them! They rise and stand on their feet and go to the place where the task requires them.  

Azur gazes at Palacia. She stares at her vambraces and appears to be slightly troubled.

      Azur: Is everything okay?

      Palacia: I have a message from my sister…

Palacia switches the display of the message. From viewing it on the physical vambrace to ahologram, so that Azur can see.

      Palacia: Look!

The message only says: “How to cook giants? Help!”.

      Azur: Hah! I think she is just being silly!

      Palacia: I am concerned! I should check on her!

      Azur: Would you like me to come?

      Palacia: No. Go with the others! I will join soon!

      Azur: Okay!

Azur goes with the rest of the trainees.

      Azur: Call if you need something!

      Palacia: Will do!

Palacia walks to the sanctuaries. She opens her vambrace and calls her sister.

Dimia responds.

      Palacia: Where are you?

      Dimia: Hey sister creature! I am training! I had Defense Shield today! The big guy helped me with my punches!

      Palacia: The giants?

      Dimia: Wriwbog! The wild one!

      Wriwbog: HEYY!

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