Oran: To your life… Each other will have a different answer! The questions answered separately will not help! They must be connected as a chain! It all starts with the first question… that links the next!

      Gracia: What is the first question, Master Oran?

      Oran: “What do you like to do?” It all starts very simple… I think you have some answers regarding this question…

The trainees gaze at their master and nod their head. They have answers!

      Oran: What do you like to do?

      Gracia: I like reading!

      Dylan: I like repairing things…

      Brett: I like playing games

      Dimia: I like hunting and fighting!

      Gracia: I also like exploring the woods!

      Vero: I like spending time with animals…


So many answers. Some similar, but most different. The group of twelve is very diverse. They come from different lands and they might not have so many things in common. It is a good thing! The trainees can hear different answers. Different perspectives! And learn that there is more than ONE answer!

      Oran: Good… you have answers! We are not in a hurry. You can meditate on this later…

The master does not rush things. One’s life is measured in many years. The trainees are young.They have time to search and discover. The master just wants to give the trainees the method in how one can reach the answer!

      Oran: You have some answers regarding the first question… Now… from the things you like… What you are good at?

The master points with his hand to a near stone ring. Silence embrace most of the trainees. Their previous answers do not continue the path to IKIGAI.

But few answers do! Dylan responds!

      Dylan: Repairing things!

Also, Dimia gives her answer!

      Dimia: Hunting!

Some trainees have formed the second chain! The master starts to explain connection!

      Oran: It is not enough you like something… If that something is for you… you must be good at it!

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