The pearls


The pearls

      Dimia: Don’t worry big sister, the trap was a success! I've hunted food for my people!

      Palacia: What FOOD?! What PEOPLE?! You are NOT a hunter, Dimia!! We are not savages! There is all the food you need back in the sanctuary… Now, take the box off Taz or I will let him eat you when he grows up!

The older sister has spoiled all the fun!

      Dimia: Okay… fine!

The youngling removes the container from its place. As soon as the felines sees light, it runs away from the trap and goes rapidly towards Palacia!

The feline jumps into Palacia’s arms.

      Palacia: Look, he is traumatized! No one “hunts” food! What’s wrong with you?!

      Dimia: Just wanted to show the Gods that I am worthy…

      Palacia: Worthy of what? Harassing my catis not the way to go, you dumbbell!

Not too far from them, a voice is heard.

      Amaya: Where are my little oysters?

A mother’s voice!

      Palacia: Oh, no! Mom is coming!

      Dimia: HERE, MOM!

      Palacia: What are you doing?

      Dimia: If you are going to tell on me, let’s just hurry up then.

The bushes move. They announce the presence of the girls’ mother arriving! Palacia whispers toDimia.

      Palacia: I wasn’t going to tell on you, you retarded snail….

      Dimia: Oh…

The mother found the two girls! With kind voice, joyful eyes and warm heart, Amaya speaks to her daughters.

      Amaya: Hey, what are you two up to?

      Palacia: I was searching for Dimia. The pods will arrive soon, and she must be ready!

      Amaya: How sweet of you Palacia! Are you ready for your first year in White Training, Dimia?

      Dimia: NO! I don’t want to go!

      Palacia: It isn’t that horrible! I certainly have learned some great things out there

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