The master feels kind of disappointed. Oran gave a good answer to a different question. But he understands that the trainees are young. Their attention leads them in other places. Unknown places apparently.

      Oran: Well… Awareness is about carefully listening. What do you see, hear… sense?

      Dylan: Nothing!

      Dimia: It sounds like there is a long way down…

      Oran: … down to a lake!

      Brett: How do you know that?

      Oran: The sound… it tells me…Who goes first?

The master asks a sudden, unexpected and horrifying question. He asks who desires to jump first into the waterfall.

      Gracia: WHAT?!

      Oran: Come one! You know how to fall?

      Brett: No way! What if there are spiky rocks down there! We might hurt ourselves!

      Gracia: We might DIE!

The trainees sense that their master is being serious and they are terrified. They are debating between themselves about the situation.

      Oran: There are no boats… they have long gone! There is no exit! Except for this one!

The master calmly shows, with his hand, the hole where the waterfall forms! Some younglings stil ldo not believe they must jump. They cannot see where it leads to! The lack of clarity scares them. Dimia accepts quickly the situation and senses the thrill, the adrenaline! She enjoys the feeling.

      Brett: There must be another exit! I amnot jumping!

Vero tries to encourage his friend.

      Vero: Come one! The master wouldn’t lie to us! It must be safe!

      Gracia: I am not going first!

Dimia approaches and gazes at the waterfall.

      Dimia: How hard can it be?

All the younglings are arguing between themselves. The Master stands calmly and observes them. Closest to the waterfall is Oran and Dimia.

      Oran: Hey, hunter!

Dimia raises herchin and gazes at Master Oran.

      Oran: Your spirit has the mark of the leader!

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