The pearls


The pearls

      Dimia: Yeah… when you were away, it was truly a blessing around here!

      Palacia: Okay… I had enough. Where are the knives, mother?

The girls start a sisterly fight!

      Amaya: Stop it, you two!

The girls listen to their mother. Amaya looks at her younger daughter.

      Amaya: Dimia, you will love LEMURIA! You will meet kids your age!

      Dimia: Yuck…

      Amaya: You will learn new skills!

      Dimia: Boring…

      Palacia: You need skills if you want to defeat the giants…

      Dimia: Giants?

      Palacia: Yes… BIG… Terrifying … GIANTS!

      Amaya: Stop it, Palacia.! Giants are peaceful beings. They are here to ascend spiritually!

      Dimia: I will SLAY them all!!

The mother placesher hand across her face. She cannot believe what she is hearing.

      Amaya: Oh god…

Palacia shows her hand to Dimia. She wants to take her little sister somewhere and teach her something.

      Palacia: Come! I learned in Shield Training how to slaughter innocent creatures!

      Amaya: I have raised devils…

Enthusiastic about learning the arts of killing, Dimia follows her big sister. Palacia leads the way. The mother is well aware of Palacia’s humor. Amaya wants to ensure that Palacia will positively influence her sister!/

The mother grabs her older daughter’s hand. Dimia continues to joyfully walk ahead. For a brief moment, just Amaya and Palacia remains.

      Amaya: Teach her the Circle ways rather than Shield…

      Palacia: Of course; don’t worry! She is in that warrior-nuts phase… She’ll get over it…

The mother is relieved. She kindly releases her daughter's hand.

      Amaya: Take care!

The mother is grateful that her older daughter offers to help her sister in learning the good values of life.

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