The Garden


The Garden

      Wriwbog: … like these kittens!

Most of younglings and adolescents do not approach the sphynxes. The great felines are heavier than most humans. They would be extremely dangerous if they weren’t tamed.

      Dimia: High spirits? Like noble?

      Palacia: If they master this vessel’s abilities and learn the lessons of their state, they will ascend to state-3spirits

      Dimia: That’s us!

The Giant smirks.

      Wriwbog: You maybe… I have a higher calling!

      Dimia:Oh, Great Spirit, please forgive our petty ways! Enlighten us with your giant wisdom! Do tell us how you scratch your back with the elder woods!

The Giant scowls at Dimia.

      Wriwbog: Don’t make me eat you!

      Palacia: Knock it off, you two! We are all spirits!

      Dimia: Some civilized than others…

      Wriwbog: What did you mumbled there? You hunter freak!

Dimia sighs. With her head down, she goes to the sphynxes and caresses them.

      Dimia: I am not a hunter!

Palacia seessomething is not right with her sister. Dimia is not in her “killing mode”.

      Palacia: What do you mean?

      Dimia: I cannot be a hunter… I have answered ikigai’s questions… hunting has no use on PANGAEA… just found out, the time for hunters has passed…

      Wriwbog: Ahh…  don’t worry; look you can stab my finger! Here!

Wriwbog gives his finger to Dimia. He tries to cheer her up!

Dimia bites it.

      Wriwbog: WHAA! Release your fangs, you filthy animal!

Dimia releases her bite! The Giant takes out his finger and moves back a few steps. He keeps his distance from Dimia.

      Wriwbog: Keep your dental blades away, psycho!

Dimia gives a large smile! There is no regret here. The Giant looks at his finger. He has tooth marks! Wriwbog gives a menacing look to Dimia.

Palacia enters the discussion and between them.

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