Four Pylons


Four Pylons

Palacia starts walking. She makes a peaceful walk in the “neighborhood” and her sister follows.

      Palacia: How was your day?

      Dimia: You know… the usual… Shield, Square, Circle stuff…Tomorrow I was told will have an important Circle Training!

      Palacia: Yeah?! Let me see!

Dimia opens her vambrace and shows her sister the Timetable. Palacia gazes at the hologram. She recognizes the trainings! She did them when she was a youngling as well. Palacia sees a particular training.

      Palacia: Tomorrow you will have quite atraining! It will help you find a purpose for when you will grow as an adult!

      Dimia: I know my purpose!

Palacia is getting really annoyed by her little sister’s attitude.

      Palacia: KILLING THE ONES, WHO DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU, IS NOT A PURPOSE!!! Please… just listen carefully to your tomorrow’s Master!

      Dimia: What is so wonderful about tomorrow?

      Palacia: Just keep your ears open!

Dimia puts her hands behind her ears and pushed them forward so that they appear larger.

      Dimia: Like this?

      Palacia: Ah… how come the giants didn’t eat you by now?

      Dimia: I am special!

Dimia is ahead ofher sister. With her foot, Palacia trips her little sister!

The young sister falls, but she puts her arms in front of her face and turns around. Dimia falls, on the soft grass, on her shoulder. She protected herself and did not gain any injuries.

      Palacia: Hey little special, watch where you are going!

Dimia tries to stand up.

      Dimia: You are mean!

      Palacia: Good, you know how to fall!

Palacia offers her hand to help Dimia rise. Dimia senses the good intention and accepts the help.

      Palacia: You are great!

Palacia pulls Dimia up on her feet. Palacia starts to tickle her sister. She cheers her! They both laugh and smile.

      Palacia: But tomorrow, you will be greater!

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