The pearls


The pearls

The logic of her sister’s words compels Dimia to listen further!

      Dimia: What should I do?

Palacia thinks of a meditation technique she learned in White Training.

      Palacia: Just follow my voice and close your eyes…

      Dimia: Okay

Dimia closes her eyes and relaxes.

      Palacia: Continue with breathing way down to your belly… and listen to my words. As you inhale… imagine from above a beam of pure light representing all that is good that comes down and enters the top of your head! Now bring your attention to your feet! Place them firmly in the ground using your imagination! Roots enter the soles of your feet! They anchor you deep to the core of the planet! Energy flows in you!

Dimia imagines and Palacia guides her.

      Palacia: Hold for a moment the air in… The light from above and the roots from below all meet at your middle! Below your chest, to your stomach! With your imagination, create a sphere of nourishing light!

Dimia succeeds in following her sister’s guide.

      Palacia: Then, release the air… Exhale and release the energy from the sphere throughout your entire body!

Palacia sees her sister is concentrated and Dimia follows her every instruction. Palacia sees also that her feline, Taz is near. The older sister remembers what her sister did to her beloved cat.

      Palacia: Your energy flows in you! You are in a perfect state of tranquility! Turn your head right! You see a stretched grassland with a paved road… Follow the road! One step follows the other…

      Dimia: The air feels different…

      Palacia: Good, you are there! With your eyes closed, look up! What do yousee?

The younger-sister’s imagination starts to create images!

      Dimia: Deep blue sky…

      Palacia: Clouds start to gather… everything is becoming dim… Everything becomes DARK!

      Dimia: I don’t like it…

      Palacia: Darkness increases … It covers your sight! It grabs and TAKES FROM YOU… all that you LOVE! IT takes the sanctuary… the lands… it takes MOM! You cannot do anything about it; you are ALL ALONE!

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