Azareea: ...but at some point, it stops! A human can continue running… And that means you will finish the race! You can say NO to pain!

The trainees understand the difference. The spirit grows, its energies grow and so does the WILL – It can do something it did not before. The master asks the trainees aquestion!

      Azareea: How do we control… our body… ourenergy… our spirit?

      Palacia: By… breathing

      Azareea: … and intention; that’s right! At STATE-3 you have so many possibilities! You just have to unlock them! How?

The master gazes at her trainees. She awaits an answer. The trainees do not know what to say. The master offers them the answer!

      Azareea: Training! You grow… your energy grows… I can see it now… your channeling your energy to my frequency… You might not be aware but you’re growing!

      Azur: You can see our spirits?

      Rahul: How do they look like?

      Azareea: Energy is manifested in the physical world as temperature. If you can channel your sight to a specific frequency… you can see the unseen!

      Azur: How can I do that?

      Azareea: You can’t! You’re a state-3

This is unfortunate for the trainees. They were curious. Master Azareea knows she can do many things. She will show a trainee the spirit!

      Azareea: Come! Come here!

The master calls Azur! The boy is slightly confused; “What will the master do?” – He wonders. Azur listens to his master and goes to her.

      Azareea: Now… just breathe… Breathe in!

Azareea puts her hand on Azur’s chest.

      Azareea: Gather all here!

The master guides him. Azur stands in front of his friends, with the master behind him.

      Azareea: Close your eyes… and imagine…

The master keeps two fingers on Azur’s chest.

      Azareea: This is a lake!

Azur follows his master advice.

      Azareea: When you breathe out… a river comes out of it… and moves up!

The master slides her fingers from the chest to his chin.

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