The pearls


The pearls

      Palacia: KHEM is a nice place. Warm and humid with lots of jungle forests. These cats are the rulers of that land! I wanted to train this kind… of spirit

The young sister gazes with more observing eyes at Taz.

      Dimia: He looks powerful… and cute

      Palacia: Come… let’s sit here.

Half-way to the sanctuary, Palacia stops. She begins to sit down. She puts her left foot under her right leg.

Palacia forms and sits in a cross-legged position. She keeps her posture straight and her chin up! She places the back of her right hand on her right knee and the back of her left hand on her left knee.

      Palacia: Sit down. Legs cross and give me your hands!

      Dimia: You could say “please”!

Palacia looks at Dimia with a straight, serious face.

      Palacia: I could teach Tez to knit you into a sweater…

Dimia senses that her sister is being serious. She does as her older sister asks. The young sister sits down and crosses her legs. Palacia takes her sister’s hands and holds them.

      Palacia: You know I have good intentions for you … so bear with me

      Dimia: What should I do?

      Palacia: Let’s focus on breathing. Try this…

Palacia breathes. She releases Dimia’s left hand. Palacia takes a deep inhale and puts her hand on her chest. Dimia does the same. The sisters stand in front of the other. They are holding one hand and the other hand is on the chest.

The hand on the chest rises as they inhale!

      Palacia: Now drag the hand down to your belly… The air you inhale must go way down there!

Dimia does not know how to control the air she inhaled.

      Dimia: To complicated…

      Palacia: Here!

Palacia approaches her sister and puts the hand she is holding on Dimia’s belly. Both sisters have one hand on their chest and one hand on their belly.

      Palacia: Now you can follow where the air goes!

Dimia holds her left hand on her chest and the other on her belly.

      Palacia: When you inhale, focus on the right hand; on the belly! Close your eyes; they distract you!

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