Four Pylons


Four Pylons

The master looks for a change in behavior. Maybe there are bullies here. Maybe there are some who had a bad day from bullies. The trainees look well taken care. She continues.

      Alya: LISTEN to your VOICE...

      Kai: Heh…ha-ha

A silent chuckling is heard. Alya got a reaction from her trainees! With happy eyes, she asks questions.

      Alya: What’s so funny? You never hear “voices”?

The master places her hands at her ears and moves her fingers. Making her look like a crazy person, but in a funny way.

      Zaia: Noo!

      Kai: It’s just that… it sounds funny…

      Alya: What do we have here?

The master points to the blue pylon.

      Rahul: The blue pylon…

      Alya: Yeah… I am not blind! I mean what does it represents!

      Palacia: Communication…

      Alya: How do your senses communicate with you, once again?

      Azur: They “tell” us information…

      Alya: Yes! They are signals that carry information and are transmitted to your brain. How about your memory?

The trainees start to become confuse. “What does memory have to do with voices” – they wonder.

      Zaia: Our memory?

      Alya: Who told you to make your bed? You mother perhaps? Your Shield master for sure… Now… your memory!

“So, memory tells us something as well” – the trainees contemplate. This is becoming more confusing for them. Master Alya enjoys the situation. The BlueSquare has the possibility to change their mindset into a better one!

      Alya: They are past voices that have become part of you! You have listened to them! If you reached the conclusion that they are of value… you might do as they tell you!

The trainees listen. They start to understand the connection of the past with the present.

      Alya: “Listen to your voice”, this is a discipline lesson! You know these kinds of lessons! They are though in the Shield Training! But you are now in Square Training!

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