Azareea: Breath is just another word for spirit! Do you know why we breathe? Can anyone tell me?

      Jayna: We breathe to… survive… the body needs air!

      Azareea: Ah, yes… we need oxygen to function. We convert it to energy… heat… for the vessel! Where does the oxygen go?

      Kai: Into our cells!

      Azareea: Into our cells… we control our legs…

The master starts to walk to the amrita tree.

      Azareea: We control our hands…

She grabs afruit. The butterfly flies away.

      Azareea: How?

The master turns around, takes a bite of the amrita fruit and gives the answer!

      Azareea: INTENTION!

The trainees are astonished, amazed and stunned! They never had seen something as unbelieving as this in their lives! They do not understand what is happening. Their hearts begin to beat faster. Most of them are locked with wide eyes on their master!

      Kai: That’s impossible…

      Zaia: IT CANNOT BE!!

The master raises a smile. She got her trainees attention! She continues to teach and eat her fruit.

      Azareea: Intention… What if we add intention to our cells? Put our focus on a molecular level… Have absolute control of our vessels?

The young trainees discuss between themselves with stutter voices.

      Jayna: How is she doing that?!

      Zaia: She is walking on water!!

The master finished her fruit. She walks back to the shore. The woman does not make many steps and a trainee interrupts her!

      Rahul: Master! HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?!

      Azareea: This?

The woman gazes down. Her feet are on the water. They lie there as if she is floating. The master controlled her molecular density making her lighter. The gravity pull has little power over her, and the water floor feels not so weak – making walking on water a child's play.

      Azareea: This is just a slight of MATTER Training…

The woman continues to walk on the water towards the shore.

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