The dawn of the star


The dawn of the star

      Oona: AAA … well I must send this for acceptance!

Not knowing how to escape the Green’s “offer”, Oona rapidly selects the following three days in the Mountain area and sends her request to the Black Knight for rain.

      Oona: This might take some time before the Triangle grants approval and…

Within an instant, the Black Knight approved her request.

      Doran: Done.

The BlueWave is confused! She does not understand how such a request got such a fast approval! Oona assumes something. Doran might not be an ordinary Green.

      Oona: You are part of this sanctuary Triangle!?

      Doran: Yes, the Green Triangle

“Damn it” she shouted in her mind.

      Oona: Well, I cannot stay. I must flee to Wolfrock Mountains to check the situation there. Until I will be back, this reservoir will be full and ready to place a drill opening so that we can have the water ready for use. After that we will see the rain phases; how they should be programed for…

Doran interrupts Oona.

      Doran: …I think you have time for a view. You might enjoy the place and might decide to stay a little longer!

Doran’s words are filled with charm and seduction. He approaches Oona.

      Oona: Well…

Oona begins to gaze at Doran with delight. With tempting eyes, she leans her head towards him and whispers softly.

      Oona: This place is quite big, and one can easily get lost without proper guidance

      Doran: Allow me to help

      Oona: There is a way you can help

Doran approaches even closer the BlueWave.

      Doran: Tell me

Without a second thought, Oona gives a quick answer with confidence and rapid tone in her voice.

      Oona: My brontotherium will remain here the time I will be gone. Can I count on you to make sure he is well taken care of and will be given food and shelter?

      Doran: AAA … What?

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