The dawn of the star


The dawn of the star

Confused and without an answer, Doran is dumbfounded as Oona elegantly and calmly walks away from him.

      Oona: Come! Let me introduce you!

The BlueWave grabs Doran’s arm and takes him the beast. Doran still does not understand what is happening.

      Oona: Hey Bolt, this is Doran GreenSquare! He will be keeping you company while I am gone … So please don’t eat him!

The BlueWave turns her head to Doran. She begins to introduce her disciple.

      Oona: This is Bolt. A pleasant brontotherium!

The BlueWave comes closer to Doran and whispers to him, so that Bolt does not hear her.

      Oona: He doesn’t really like Greens, but I think you are special!

      Doran: AAA … I never had a brontotheriumas a disciple

      Oona: But you had state-2 disciples? Ha-ha of course you had! everyone has…

The BlueWave pats Doran on his back and sends him to Bolt!

      Oona: I think you two will have a great time together! He doesn’t like flout music … so don’t be a gray rebel!

Doran scratches his head in confusion! The GreenSquare stares at Bold and does not know what to do; what to say. Oona slowly and silently walks away.

      Oona: Here!

The BlueWave tosses a fruit! With clumsy attempts, Doran catches it.

      Oona: He likes amrita fruits!

      Doran: Amrita fruit grows in LAKES! There are no lakes near!!

      Oona: I have faith in you!

Realizing the trouble, he got himself into, Doran ignores the crazy BlueWave and tries to tame the brontotherium.

As she leaves,Oona waves with her hand! The BlueWave bumps into somebody!

      Oona: Sorry … I didn’t mean … KAIDO!

      Kaido: Your eyes lost their functionality, Oona?

Thrilled that she meets her former master, Oona begins to throw questions.

      Oona: What are you doing here? This doesn’t look like MARS! Are you lost?!

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