The dawn of the star


The dawn of the star

      Kaido: I was passing by and I left an ashdion blade in the vault

      Oona: Uhm … ashdion … those are nice. I mean you can cut trees with that. I could really need one now. Bolt has big hoofs!

      Kaido: Those are for training and history purposes. I see you haven’t lost your humor. Are you here to visit Snow?

      Oona: Yeah, but don’t tell Bolt; he gets jealous. Also, a river must be built

A loud noise is heard from the back of the hanger! Oona instantly assumes the noise came from Bolt! She fakes a large smile in the hope that Kaido does not notice the trouble.

      Kaido: Why is Doran trying to tame your brohtoterium?

      Oona: Well he wanted to ride something, so I gave him Bolt

      Kaido: Of course, you did…

      Oona: So … how is your visit on PANGAEA?

      Kaido: White Training is coming. I will be the one who teaches the phase-3s the arts of physical combat and will provide the survival training!

      Oona: Phase-3 … you will be facing adults! Be nice to them.

      Kaido: Nice doesn’t build strong spirits.

Oona sighs of boredom. But she is also grateful! Knowing that all younglings till adulthood will have proper education in survival and self-care, pleases her.

      Oona: Just remember, this is White Training. Not Red Training. Don’t burn LEMURIA!

The RedShield raises a smile! Oona mentioned Red Training! Kaido remembers something.

      Kaido: How is Snow?

      Oona: Healthy and strong, no thanks to you psychos…

      Kaido: Hey, Red Training is extremely hard; wars are real! You should had stayed!

      Oona: Neah, I am an ocean girl. I must go… Wolfrock awaits me.

      Kaido: Be careful. I saw a roc bird there…

      Oona: Roc bird? In the North?!

The BlueWave does not quite understand what Kaido tries to say! She is skeptic about a Southern creature being in the North.

      Oona: Are you telling me that Nick is there?

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