The BlueWave gazes at her white wolf. She caresses her!

      Oona: …and her name.

      Azur: Wow… why don’t we have snow on PANGAEA?

      Nickalen: Because of our artificial satellite; the Black Knight. Starting from the first day PANGAEA was born, all the climate extremities were controlled. The satellite provides weather control, planetary recording, communication…

The GreenCircle shows Azur his vambrace.

      Nickalen: Our vambraces takes most of the information from the satellite. The Black Knight is a gift from the ones who help us terraform the planet into a life-sustaining one!

The boy moves his gaze to Oona.

      Azur: Some day, I would like to see those white feathers…

      Oona: Don’t mind those. PANGAEA is a paradise. Here is better!

      Nickalen: Become a RedShield after your White Training and you will see…

      Oona: Noo! Don’t become a Red!

      Azur: My father told me every person should join the Red Canton someday; it builds character.

      Nickalen: White Training is enough for any person to survive on their own.

      Oona: The Red Training is good for the spirit. Every canton is…

The BlueWave moves her gaze to the GreenCircle. She speaks to Nickalen.

      Oona: When the time comes, young Azur shall make his decision.

The light of the day becomes dimmer. The night begins so settle upon the lands! Oona caresses Snow’s ear. She reminder her it is time to go!

Oona stares at the fleeing home-star.

      Oona: I can’t stay much longer… The next day I must go back to Wallrock. I will steal Snow for the night. Take care!

The BlueWave leaves the two boys. The white wolf follows her.

      Azur: Will do, Oona!

      Nickalen: Bye

Nickalen and Azur continue their walk through the woods! Their destination is to the mountains! Many trees welcome them as they pass. The forest is peaceful and there are no signs of danger. Their walk reaches the edge and end of the forest!

A grassland full of rocks awaits them ahead!

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