Azur finds the lack of light strange. The wandering branches of the trees start to look more like frightening long fingers! They move quietly and silently as if they await to grab him!

A loud howl is heard! It echoes from the mountains! It came from afar distance!

      Azur: Master, do you hear it? The wolves! They are coming back!

      Nickalen: Not if you keep your voice down

The master’s indifference somehow calms the boy. The GreenCircle is calm and has no concern about the dangers that might come from the woods! The young WhiteCircle gains a slight of faith in himself by observing his master’s reaction. Azur lowers his voice but continues to be vigilant.

      Azur: I hope they aren't coming…

      Nickalen: They won’t. Look down and see for yourself

      Azur: But they might see me…

      Nickalen: Don’t worry; predators don’t hunt with flashlights

The boy pulls his head outside the hammock to peek. He gazes down and quickly pulls his head back in the hammock.

      Nickalen: Wolves?

      Azur: No, there are no wolves, Master

“Hmm, something scared him” – Nickalen noticed. “What that might it be?” – he wondered. The GreenCircle makes a guess.

      Nickalen: You fear the heights?

      Azur: Yeah…

      Nickalen: Nice

      Azur: Why is that “nice”?

      Nickalen: Tomorrow you will overcome your fear. Now, go to sleep! Your platypus is doing well I see.

The boy turns his gaze to his disciple. Platon is asleep near Azur. The terrifying experience of the day has drained the platypus’ energy.

      Azur: Yes, he is a natural sleeper and a great disciple. I am proud of him. Master, what was your first disciple?

      Nickalen: A tiny bird. Why did you pick him as your state-2 spirit?

      Azur: In KUMARI, we are very close to the oceans, to the big waters. As a youngling I spend my childhood learning and studying these beautiful creatures. I always wanted to train one!

      Nickalen: Your parents are Blue?

      Azur: Yes

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