The GreenCircle shows his hand to the boy.

      Nickalen: Put your finger in front of your eyes. What do you see?

      Azur: AAA… the finger?

      Nickalen: Yes, but only the finger is vivid clear, the rest is slightly blurry! Correct?

      Azur: Yeah… kind of… the finger is very close to my nose

      Nickalen: Now, slowly move it away from yourself but keep your eyes on it.

The boy follows his master instructions. Azur slowly moves his finger away and keeps his gaze on it.

      Nickalen: What do you see?

      Azur: The finger… but slightly away. I can now see the sky better… the finger was blocking my view. Is this a trick to blind your opponents with a finger, Master?

      Nickalen: What? No! No one is blinding anyone. Keep your eyes on the finger and only the finger! Move it back and forth. Try to control your breathing when you do that.

The boy does as it is told.

      Azur: What is the point of this?

      Nickalen: It will save your life

      Azur: The finger will save my life? It will stab the mountain to death?

      Nickalen: No, you nutjob… Keep moving back and forth until your eyes gets used with the move

The boy continues to do so.

      Azur: When I will know I have done the task?

      Nickalen: Here…

The GreenCircle points, with his finger, at a near small rock.

      Nickalen: Look at this rock near you

The boy moves his gaze and stares at the small rock.

      Nickalen: Then move your sight down there…

The GreenCircle moves his finger and points below to the ground!

      Nickalen: …but slowly! Observe and follow the path of the sight!

The GreenCircle shows his finger to the boy! He emphasizes that the path the finger follows is important!

      Nickalen: Descend and go to anywhere you like!

The boy moves his sight and is attentive to the environment from where it descends! His sight reaches the ground from where they came!

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