Nickalen: I had him since I was younger than you! He is my first state-2 disciple!

The boy gazes around. He did not see any other roc birds around here.

      Azur: They aren’t from these parts?

      Nickalen: Their nests are in OGNORO and ORONGO

The platypus senses a friendly energy, so it releases its grab from Azur’ leg.

      Azur: Platon, would you like us to go in the South to grab a roc bird to have as a friend?

The platypus shakes his head towards left and right as fast as it can, to gesture a NO answer!

      Nickalen: Those places are forbidden. The birds would split you in half and use your platypus as a toothpick. They are hard to make contact, not to mention train

      Azur: But how did you get one?

      Nickalen: My father saved me from an adult one; I was young and stupid; I wanted to explore the sights of OGNORO.

The GreenCircle caress Rocco as he speaks.

      Nickalen: She was just protecting her egg… I… felt the need to honor her somehow… by taking care of Rocco

      Azur: He looks strong, well feed and has menacing claws! Thank you, Master!

      Nickalen: For what?!

      Azur: I am not dead; you did great with Rocco!

      Nickalen: Give me the saddle!

      Azur: Excellent! I was getting tired of caring that useless thing!

The GreenCircle grabs the saddle and puts it on the bird’s back.

      Azur: Master… what are you doing?

      Nickalen: Tying the saddle on Rocco, of course

      Azur: A saddle on a bird?! For what?

      Nickalen: I don't want you to be uncomfortable while riding him…

      Azur: WHAAT?

The boy is dumbfounded. Nickalen’s answer shocked Azur!

      Nickalen: It is either this, or the wolves with forks and napkins down the mountain

      Azur: I can’t believe this…

Few options Azur has. Either the terrifying sky, riding the terrifying roc or the terrifying mountain, running away from the terrifying wolves.

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