Rocco bends its knees. It allows Azur to stand on the saddle. The GreenCircle taps the saddle to encourage the boy to come and sit on it. The boy takes into consideration that wolves do not fly, and he chooses the more-survival option!

The boy hops on the saddle and stands on the giant bird’s back! The platypus follows Azur. Nickalen grabs, with one hand, Platon! The GreenCircle gazes at the platypus.The platypus seems to not be frightened by Nickalen.

      Nickalen: We will switch disciples for some time! Platon seems to enjoy my presence!

      Azur: Yeah, because he doesn't have to ride a giant feathered beast!

The boy observes that on the saddle there is space for only one person!

      Azur: How would you get down?

      Nickalen: This armor has a wingsuit option!

      Azur: Why don’t you give me your armor and you ride the death-plane?

      Nickalen: The armor is too big for you. Hold tight on the saddle, like your life depends on it!

      Azur: You don’t say… I will DIE!!

The GreenCircle approaches the boy and shows him his finger.

      Nickalen: Remember the “finger trick”?

      Azur: Yeah…

      Nickalen: That will be your biggest ally during the trip! Don’t neglect it!

      Azur: Oh… Yes, Master!

The GreenCircle ensures that Azur is well strapped on Rocco. Nickalen takes Platon and puts him in his backpack.

The GreenCircle goes to Rocco and speaks to him.

      Nickalen: You know where to take him…

The GreenCircle caresses the great bird’s head. Rocco understands. Nickalen enjoys a last moment before he jumps!

Nickalen gazes at the edge of the rocky platform. The GreenCircle leaves Rocco and Azur and runs to the edge!

The GreenCircle dives in the air!

The roc bird begins to move! Rocco prepares to dive as well!

      Azur: Whoa, hold on boy…

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